Originally the Dungeons and Pop Network feed for the original podcast.
Now the feed for legacy games such as We're Not In Kansas Anymore and other older campaigns getting a shot in the heart.
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Latest Episodes

We're Not In Kansas Anymore 12 - The Hard Talk Before The Battle For the Neighborhood

Harsh words are exchanged between siblings as the group prepares for the battle ahead and plans are made to fight Zero and her League of Evil Assholes. It wouldn't be ...

Crest Quests - City of Mist Part 2

We continue with a Crest Quest where our favorite DM sets us up to deal with a metahuman threat as the source of the disappearing daughter is revealed! Rascal brings d...

Crest Quests - City of Mist Part 1

We have a new Crest Quest where our favorite DM runs a trio of detectives through a mystery as they investigate the disappearance of a high school girl in a city fille...

Soda Break - Mary O'Dell Memorial Episode

A very special episode that explains a little bit about why we've been gone for another month with some teasers for the regular episodes that will release in 2 weeks. ...

We're Not In Kansas Anymore 11 - The Uncivil War, Absurdians Assemble!

The gang enters a big battle between the Leader of the Hive and a Pissed-off Angel and things get wild as they have their first cinematic battle! Can they win this fig...

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